What can we do for you?
  1. Obedience Training
    Best Paw Forward is a Kennel Club Listed Status training club. As such, we are able to offer Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme courses. The Kennel Club designed the Good Citizen Dog Scheme to give owners the opportunity to develop their skills and train their dogs to a nationally recognised standard. See our Good Citizen Dog Scheme page for further details. For dogs and handlers that have passed their Gold Award we have an advanced class where we do all manner of things from trick training to Rally Obedience.
  2. One to One Training
    For the more challenging dogs, we offer one to one training outside of the club environment. Although your dog doesn't have a specific behavioural problem, it may be just a little bit too unruly for a class environment. In these cases, our trainer can offer one to one training, away from the club, to help you bring your dog's behaviour up to a manageable level before you begin a course.
  3. Behavioural Consultations
    Got a problem dog? We can help. Our trained Behavioural Consultant will visit you in your own home to assess your dog. After taking a full history of the problem and a detailed analysis of your dog's day to day life we will develop a bespoke rehabilitation programme. We will provide support every step of the way.
  4. Ringcraft Training
    We offer Ringcraft Training for your show dogs at our sister club - Barnhill Dog Training Club. Please contact us for further details.
  5. Educational Events & Seminars
    At Best Paw Forward we regularly host seminars and educational events covering a multitude of aspects of dog ownership from first aid for dogs to dog law. We hold Kennel Club Points of The Dog, Conformation and Movement, Stewarding and Critique Writing seminars. Watch this space for details.
  6. Fun Scentwork Training
    Turn your pet dog into a detection dog! Have you ever watched customs and police detection dogs on TV and thought 'I wish my dog could do that!'? Well now you can. We train your dog to use its natural scenting capabilities to find a safe odour. Scent work is extremely rewarding for both dog and handler. it has the added bonus of tiring your dog out within a very short space of time, which makes it ideal exercise for dogs with limited mobility or restricted exercise, such as those recovering from injury or bitches in season.